Teach Our Children

Everyone who is alive has a testimony.  We all have a voice that needs to be heard. We all have been through something that can help someone else. Someone is going through or about to go through something that we have been through. Communicate that testimony for those to be prepared when it hits them. Each one reach one. Tell the children that they need a mortgage instead of rent. Tell the children to aim for a career instead of just a job. Tell the children its about “The Package” when getting hired. Let them know that 401k, medical, dental, company matching, and promotion from within can be a bargaining tool. Lets teach them to save and spend wisely. If they want something and they have money burning in their pocket, ask them to sleep on the things they want to buy. If they still want it ask them can they afford to buy that one item three times. If not teach them to let the money work for them… invest. “God By Nature”


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