Thanks For The Estimate

Thanks For The Estimate..
People we need to understand motives. Sometimes we have warning signs about people and places that we need to take heed to this. For instance, have you witnessed someone out of there element for the worse and realize that their condition is no greater than yours?
Have someone told you about their diet and you found out that it was not true?
What about being a member of a church and the pastor has no clue of your name?
Will you church know if you were absent for a month?
Will your service be missed?
Have you dated a guy and he needed half on the meal?
Have you met someone for the first time and they were backbitting someone that they love? How do you think they feel about you?
The moral people is that we get warned on whats to come dealing with people and groups. So next time a person introduces him/herself as real and the evidence do not support their mouth. Understand that you have met their representative and not the real them. Simply tell them thanks for the estimate, I will keep on looking.
“God By Nature”


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