Dont let go of God’s hand

As long as we live, we will have problems that we need to take care of. Sometimes people see us as we used to be and will try to make us think that our past is our future. But we are not here on a mistake, God is our balance and He is holding us and guiding us with His perfect hand. Do not wait for someone to validate you because it will cause you to miss the mark that God has set for us to hit as individuals. People always talking about what we are doing and never ever considering that they are on the sideline. There are two types of people in the world on this aspect. There are people that are on the screen which is us of course and people that are watching the screen. When folks watch the screen, the people that are on the screen cannot hear the watchers opinion. So as for the nay-sayers, we cant hear you and we are holding on to Gods had, thats why you watchers have an opinion that dont count.
“God By Nature”


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