Detatch Yourself

There comes a time when we have to detatch ourselves from people.They are not allowed in our elevation. We need to be able to discern their motives. For instance, when a pro fighter has a scheduled fight, people will be around, talking, cheering, on-looking, and yours truley nay-saying. However, when it is time to train, these people will be gone because the fighter will be training at 2-3-4am and these people cannot go into his elevation. We lift weights, carry weights on our bodies, and add extra clothing to help build our strength.
In order for the fighter to go on with the fight, he has to be at an agreed weight. So the weights (people) that he was carrying around has to be detatched because the fighter has to get on the scale by himself, (naked, birthday suit). This is why we have to be detatched from people (certain people) if we want to maximize our elevation.
People are not designed for our elevation.

“God By Nature”


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