God’s Word vs. mans word

Well in class I brought my students two things. I had a piece of paper and a cookie sheet (pan). I gave the sheet of paper to my first student in the front row and told him to tear it. My student tore the paper in half and I told him to pass it to the next student, and she was to tear it, and she did, and so on throughout the class until it was tiny shreds all over the class. Then I told the class to drop all the paper on the floor. Then I gave them the pan and told them to tear it, and I gave the whole class a chance to tear the pan. Nobody could tear the pan. So I said class, the paper is mans word and the pan is God’s Word. Man’s  word cant stand a chance and once man speak if his words are not God”s, they will crumble. Therefore unlike God”s Word, which is the pan, man words wont last and God word will remain the same and true. Then I told the class to pick all the paper up which were all the lies that man tells them and from this point they should know if a man is speaking to them or is God speaking through man to them. “God By Nature”


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