Our Life Cranking Amps

Just say we need 100 cranking amps to function properly, and everytime we do something,listen to something, it either adds or subtract our cranking amps. This is our energy and effort and time. For example
1- 7am, you wake up thinking about who owe you. – 5 cranking amps. 95 left.
2- its 8am and the bearer of bad news comes. -5 cranking amps soon as you see this person. 90 cranking amps left.
3- this same individual stays in your presence for as long as possible, and you allow it because you got love for this person, and you feel bad about getting rid of this person. -20 cranking amps. Now you have 70 cranking amps left.
4- You find yourself helping someone who is unappreciative, time after time. -5 cranking amps, 65 left.
5- Its 12 noon and you are with your social circle, its five of yall and 3 different coversations. This is an indicator that you guys are not on the same page at the same time. -5 cranking amps. 60 left.
Well at this point you have 60 pecent body function and the unthinkable comes. transportation issues, employments issues, illness, financial trouble. Things are moving fast and you cant cope because your body is not functioning at full capacity. Next, the ones that you truely love is on thin ice because all the unneccessary energy you didnt control who was draining you. Now you snapped on you kids,mate, siblings, sometimes parents for the slightest infraction. This is just a couple hours out of the day, you can add the rest up for the day. Im guessing you will have nothing left at 3pm, and by five you will be in the negative by probably -200.
“God By Nature”


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